8 nov

Deadline for submissions

22 nov

Finalists are revealed

1 dec

Winners are announced

2 000 000

1st prize Commercial category

2 000 000

1st prize Non-Profit category

This year, for the first time ever Ocean launches THE DIGITAL CREATIVE COMPETITION NORDICS. This is a creative competition which puts digital screens in the heart of creativity to optimise your brand message and interact with your audience. We are encouraging clients, advertising agencies, media agencies, design studios and all other creative souls out there to challenge the limits within digital out of home and advocate for innovation!

The challenge is simple:

If you could do whatever you wanted with digital screens to create engagement and buzz for a client –

What would you do?

All you need is an idea

All you need is an idea, and if you win – we will make it happen. The prize fund for this year is set to 4,000,000 NOK in total for two categories: Non-Profit and Commercial.

The networks for the challenge are Ocean Retail and Ocean Terminal including the brand-new Deep Screen technology. And for the idea, it will have to be original and cannot have run in any other media channel. Lastly it will of course need to follow the Norwegian Advertising Code.


Background for the Digital Creative Competition

Ocean digital creative competition came to life 12 years ago, with a simple goal of changing the ways we view and interact with DOOH. Since then, we have come a long way and loads of new tech and innovation has been introduced including the use of live video/data, AR, movement sensors, lookout cameras, 3d simulations – and even the opportunity to play a game on the screen whilst you are out and about. Most of the winners have also gone on to achieve global recognition through Cannes Lion proving the importance of a simple idea.

Prizes and categories

Entries will be judged by the jury in the two categories; Commercial and Non-profit.

The prize sum is fully usable on our Ocean Retail or Ocean Terminal network – including Deep Screen to make your idea come to life.*

1st Prize:  2 000 000 NOK

1st Prize:   2 000 000 NOK     

The screens we are encouraging you to play with are within the following portfolios:
– Ocean Retail
– Ocean Terminal

*The cost of the DeepScreenTM licence will be deducted from the total value.

Terms and conditions apply

Jury and Event

The jury consists of a mixture of well-known faces with different backgrounds in creative, digital, innovation or media. A composition to represent the whole spectrum. The finalists will be announced after the first jury round. All entries that meet the selection criteria will be presented to the judges.
The competition is conducted both offline and online.


Stay tuned for more updates about the event and jury!

Submit your idea today!


If you have any questions or would like a creative tech session – feel free to contact us: dccnordics@oceanoutdoor.no and for further information on how to enter, please see below:

Step 1 Concept

Develop your concept based on the above summary. Keep it relevant to the brand, purpose and medium. Make sure you have permission when submitting ideas from your client / brand.

In addition to your pictures, we also want a short explanation of your idea in a maximum of 500 words. In this we want to read how you see your idea live, on which screens, how it fits with the brand, who you want to reach with it, etc.

Step 2 Visualization

To keep the participation process as simple as possible, we ask you to make a number (max. 5) visualizations of your concept. We have a good dose of  templates and other assets for you that you can use for visualization. The clearer the better, but remember that we do not need “final artwork” yet.

To make it even easier, you can also draw your idea on paper or sticky notes. Take pictures of it and send it in.

Step 3 Submit idea

Submit your idea using our Entry form.

When we have received your work in good order, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail and you will participate in the competition.

Make sure you have read the terms and conditions. By submitting your work, you accept the terms.

Terms and conditions

  • The idea must be new and non-existing.
  • The idea may not yet be running on another media platform.
  • We are open to all creative ideas, expressions and messages.
  • Is the message effectively conveyed on the DOOH screens?
  • Are DOOH’s unique features well used?
  • Is the idea relevant to the brand / business goals?
  • There must be approval from the brand / customer to participate in the competition.
  • The ideas must follow the rules of the Norwegian advertising code.
  • Our usual point lengths are 5 an 10 seconds, but it is also possible to dominate the entire 60 second loop. Note that the total media value to be used is based on a frequency of around 1/10 SoV.
  • Full motion content is possible.
  • See our pricelist for available DOOH inventory and products.

Full Terms & Conditions

Winners from the Ocean DCC have gone on to win big across the world.

Below are some of the previous winners that went on to win at the Cannes Lions!

Women’s Aid, “Look at Me”

Cannes Lion Gold (Outdoor)
and Silver (Cyber) Awards, 2015

Les mer

Born Free, “#TankFree”

Cannes Lion Silver
(Outdoor) Awards, 2018

Les mer

Ancestry, “Piccadilly Lights”

Cannes Lion Silver
(Outdoor) Awards, 2021

Les mer 

More information

If you have any questions or need more information? Contact us and we will be happy to help you! It is possible to plan a brainstorm or a meeting to explore the possibilities with our team members.

Reach out at: dccnordics@oceanoutdoor.no