Welcome back to our Nordic Newsletter and its 2nd edition for 2022.
We hope you all are back in full swing and perhaps even back at the office.

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A new DeepScreen™ in Finland

DeepScreen™ is still creating a buzz in the Finnish market.
New technology still raises a lot of interest and clients are excited to have another DeepScreen™ in Finland.

The newest DeepScreen™ is located in the lively heart of Helsinki, in shopping center Kluuvi. The 12m2 led screen is places right next to a metro station entrance. Both the university campus and all the head offices of the Finnish banks are located in this area. That means we are able to reach a very desirable audience for our clients.

Kluuvi Deepscreen together with Redi Deepscreen gives us a significant competitive advantage to other OOH companies.

The first campaigns are already sold and more is coming!

Finland - The sales team is growing

The Finnish media market is steadily recovering from the affects of the pandemic. Last years media spend grew +13,4% in total and the Out of Home advertising +16% (vs. 2020).

That means our business is growing and with two new malls, Lippulaiva and Trio, we needed some addition to our sales team.

We are happy to share the news that the Finnish team have been strengthened with a new colleague, Tuukka Eräkangas. He has a strong, multi-year background in media sales for several different media groups.

He started as a Sales Manager in February and will mostly be taking care of direct sales.

Welcome to the Ocean family, Tuukka!

Norway - Love is in the air (and on the screens)

On the 14th of February, we decided to give people the option to share their Valentine greetings on our digital screens in order to bring some positivity on a rather cold Monday.

We encouraged the audience to upload their pictures with the #Oceanvalentine and their pictures would be displayed in our DOOH-network in real time. The reception was above all expectations.

The campaign was live across our digital networks; Ocean Terminal, Ocean Mall and Ocean City Digital Impact – with 145 screens in total across Norway.

So if you are thinking about what to do next for your client, let us know and we will set up a session!

“This is the first of many initiatives we are bringing into the market to challenge the thinking around OOH/DOOH with our focus: A Digital Screen is more than just a Screen.
Additionally, it showcases the benefit of talking with the audience rather than just to them, and it does not have to be the most complex campaign – a simple call to action along with a strong message is all that is needed to enhance the priming effect and create a buzz.

And as we already know, people love watching themselves on digital screens, as it allows them to feel a part of something bigger, whilst it of course provides them with the 15 minutes of fame feeling which increases word of mouth.

Research has shown that by seeing yourself on the screen – the mood instantly goes up, and you pay more attention, which is why it is paramount to add a layer to your campaign”
Monita Marie Ness, Key Account Manager Ocean Outdoor Norway

Denmark - Disney+ combines OOH & DOOH in experiential takeover

Disney+ shared its campaign message with this takeover of Frederiksberg Shopping Mall in Copenhagen, combining DOOH and OOH in creative and innovative manners.

The American based video on-demand streaming service, Disney+, wanted to share their message “stories you’d expect + Stories you wouldn’t”, by inviting the audience into their entertaining universe and show a selection of the many stories that can be watched on the streaming device.
The campaign activates the audience by inviting them into a mini cinema setup, showing trailers and clips from selected shows, including the newer children’s animation story, Encanto.

Inspiring the audience what to binge-watch next, Disney+ decorated entrances, escalators and elevators with creative vinyl foil solutions. All locations sharing the campaign message by displaying examples of ‘stories you’d expect and stories you wouldn’t’.

Supporting the creatives and promotion activity, a digital campaign ran across Oceans digital mall network, containing 544 digital screens in 39 shopping malls. The campaign message also went supersized on Oceans eye-catching and High Impact banner, Åboulevard in Copenhagen.

Creatives by The Walt Disney Company Nordic and Publicis Denmark. Ocean managed the production and monitoring of all elements of creatives and the experiential activity.

Sweden - New colleagues at the office

Ocean Sweden is preparing for an eventful and exciting year.

In our Swedish newsletter we recently wrote about Ocean Sweden hiring, not just one but several new team members. Both Marketing, Sales, Economy, Ad-operations as well as IT and Development have all recruited new staff.

We would like you to meet a few of them here:

  • Daniel Axelsson, Nordic Marketing Team
  • Veronica Cardona, Ad-operations
  • Sebastian Hansen, Finance
  • Rebecka Zellman, Nordic Marketing Team

Daniel is our new senior Art Director and will be joining as a crucial corner stone of our growing Nordic marketing department. He, like Veronica have also been a part of both Ad City Media as well as Ocean Mediatech before joining us at Ocean Outdoor.

Veronica has been a part of the Ocean family for years working both for Ad City Media and then later Ocean Mediatech, before joining us at Ocean Outdoor. She is the go to person for all things regarding deliveries of banner and print related questions, our own OOH magician.

Sebastian is our new numbers wizard, he speaks Excel fluently and is now a key factor and team member of our Financial department, where he works as a controller.

Rebecka started at Ocean already in late 2021 and was an important piece of the puzzle to make the Digital Creative Competition into the success it was. At Ocean her role is as a motion designer, but her skills come to live not only in our marketing material but also with her vibrant personality. Before starting at Ocean, Rebecka have completed a degree from Medieinstitutet within Graphic Design.

We welcome you all to the Ocean family.