Welcome back to our Nordic Newsletter and its 3rd edition for 2022.
This edition is packed with technical and innovative solutions, showing the many various ways the Out of Home media can be utilized and integrated.

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Nordics - Bridge of motion triggered LED

Netflix brings apocalyptic “Black Crab” universe into Danish malls with motion triggered LED-screens.

Ocean is working with integrated Out of Home solutions in order to develop the medium into a more innovative and creative platform. We want to inspire agencies and clients to differentiate their outdoor campaigns using new ways of digital communication combined with unique and creative executions.

We offer attractive ways for brands to interact with audience in shopping malls and create outstanding shopping experiences.

Ocean Denmark created an innovative full motion campaign with special effects in cooperation with Wavemaker and Netflix.

As part of the launch of the Scandinavian thriller, Black Crab, Netflix wanted to invite the audience into the apocalyptical universe as if they took part in the movie.

The solution: A walkway of “frozen sea” made by installing LED-screens with creative full motion content on a bridge in Frederiksberg Shopping center.

The screens surface had built-in motion triggers and integrated sound effects to make it seem realistic. When walking on the bridge the audience got an extraordinary experience as the frozen sea was cracking beneath them.

Norway - Launch of "ShoutOut"

With the focus on challenging the Norwegian D/OOH market with new and innovative solutions and to further push the norm –Ocean are now installing “ShoutOut”, by setting up two directional speakers down at Oslo Bus Terminal in front of Gate 10.

This provides our clients with the opportunity to include sound in their campaigns, and creative playroom to grab the attention of the consumer yet another way.
To further enhance your campaign, we also recommend combining ShoutOut with other creative solutions like an experiential to make the campaign stand out further, and provide entertainment for the audience.

So, if you want to take part in the activation –we recommend you coming down to the Bus Terminal during week 14 for our first ever ShoutOut campaign!

Denmark - Polestar 2 on tour

Polestar 2 on a national tour in 11 Ocean Malls around Denmark.

Polestar had the ambition to meet the consumers where they are and where they want to be met. With the large portfolio of attractive shopping malls, Ocean Denmark had the obvious venues for Polestar to bring the cars to the consumers.

In cooperation with Ocean, Polestar got the opportunity to establish a national mall-tour in Denmark. They have already visited two malls in Greater Copenhagen and are going to visit 9 more in the upcoming weeks.

Their car-promotion set-up combines creative exhibition with activation. Inside a special customized container, the Polestar 2 model is exhibited in front of the malls.

Text on the container encourages people to scan a QR-code where they are given the opportunity to book a test-drive from the mall. Polestar brings 3 test cars for people to experience and try in their local area.

Polestar also choose to promote the test-drive events with a digital campaign on the digital network within the malls.

The campaign introduces a new way of promoting cars, where the car is brought to the consumers and not vice versa.

The first two mall-visits were successful as all test-drives was fully booked.

Sweden - DCC winner in full production

Last years winning idea, Väsen i Ögonvrån by Markus Reklambyrå is now in full production and will be live later this spring.

As the Swedish winner of the Digital Creative Competition Nordics, Markus Reklambyrå together with their client Visit Östergötland are now in full production.

To give you a reminder of the idea, start by watching this video (voice over is in Swedish)

To quickly explain, the purpose behind the idea is getting people interested in visiting the municipality of Östergötland. Using eye tracking technology people whom interact with the screen will see something moving in the woods, something they cannot define. Once they look away a mythical creature will appear and peek at you, but as you turn back around, it will disappear.

This is a part of an ongoing concept based on the tagline “Östergötland needs to be visited” which you can read more about here: https://www.visitostergotland.se/

Playing upon the mystical and mythical stories about trolls and fairies living in the woods of Östergötland and making them come alive in our digital screens.

This week got the opportunity to spend a few hours on set with the crew, and its nothing short of amazing how creative and funny this campaign will be.

Finland -

Kluuvi DeepScreen becomes a popular location for the Finnish Out of Home market as Covid restrictions are lifted.
The Out of Home market in Finland is easing up since Covid restrictions were lifted in the beginning of March. During week 9 the amount of shopping center visitors increased with +10%.

Our two new malls Lippulaiva in Espoo (opening 31st of March) and Trio in Lahti are also increasing our sales. And since the sales are increasing, it’s nice to welcome back our Local Sales rep. Kalle from his parental leave.

One location in particular is increasing our clients interest, and it’s our Kluuvi DeepScreenTM .

We have had our first Kluuvi DeepScreenTM campaigns these past weeks.

Together with IPG Media Brands we ran the new Amazon Prime series Picard and from Dagmar, we ran an ad for Samsungs new Galaxy S22 Series smartphones.

We are looking forward to many more cool campaigns at this location.